The area, which is considered the highest Riga area, Hill of Ilguciems. Geographical characteristics - an area in the Baltic Ice Lake sandy plain. Dune elongated north-south direction, formed before 10 000-9000 years Yoldia coast, amid Northwest winds cool and dry climate. For built-up or densely populated areas considered in the northern and southern ends.

In honor of Pinke manor farm Cuckoo national's home or neighborhood get up the hill name. On this side of the street steers dune slope walls since the 17th century was decorated burial place. Historical sources indicate that the City Council decided to establish a cemetery here in all Christian denominations in poor communities where the grave was not about to pay. Dzeguzkalns park more than two acres of wide area began to settle in 1893. year. The park was built and landscape, both in the regular style - by city gardens Director G. Kufalta project. 1911th the park was already well cultivated: the fixed paths, established plantings, and other prepared lilac bushes. Top of the hill was built a small coffee pavilion, but the slopes - Bandstand.

The park is being renovated 30th years. This process strengthens the track surface, arrange the concrete stairs and terraces park, the shorn hedges and flower plantings. Uniqueness-sign at the main entrance to the O. Tilman project started by the amphitheater 2,000 viewers with an advanced stage were transformable. Although the project has not been implemented, but the proposed stage instead built a temporary "shell" that promises to turn into a full-fledged theater monument. domain is for sale
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